The VIBE Beverage Conference presents 2 distinct On-Premise Beverage Industry Awards; VIBE Vista Operator Awards and the VIBE Supplier Excellence Awards.

Entries Closed

Entry deadline for the 2014 VIBE Vista Operator Awards closed on September 16.  Winners will be honored at the 2014 VIBE Conference at The Palms Casino Resort, on March 25, 2014.

Submission for the 2015 VIBE Vista Operator Awards will open on June 3, 2014.  Entries will be accepted through September 15, 2015.  Full details and criteria will be listed in this section of our website at that time.

VIBE Vista Operator Awards

…recognizes excellence in corporate beverage programs that demonstrate sound strategy, creativity, execution and measurement criteria that results in bottom line achievement. VIBE Vista Awards are are separated into two on-premise segments, based on type of business; Chain & Multi-Concept Restaurants. Hotel │ Cruise Line │Casino │Multi-Concept establishments (theme parks, entertainment, or contract foodservice)

To ensure objectivity and un-biased professional review, VIBE has entered into a relationship with the Adult Beverage Program at Johnson & Wales University who receives all entries and oversees the judging, which is done by a panel of highly qualified beverage professionals. All entries for the VIBE Vista awards will be submitted on-line. All judging is done against a specific set of criteria, clearly outlined in the entry application. No judge may place a vote for an entry from their own company, one that they have worked on as a consultant, or is submitted by a client. A supplier judge may not vote in a category that has an entry using their product.

VIBE Supplier Excellence Awards

…recognizes Beverage Supplier partners who have demonstrated the ultimate professionalism and knowledge of their accounts’ beverage business and been supportive in their assistance to help these customers reach their beverage sales and marketing objectives. Winners will be selected by chain beverage operators across the industry, from a list of pre-qualified companies in each category that have been approved by the operator members of the VIBE Advisory Council (VAC), based on the following criteria:
• Innovation & Creativity
• Understanding of the operators’ needs
• Service levels, including communication and timely response
• Business-building programs and support
• Training programs and support