Submissions due by November 14th, 2014


When are award submissions due?

November 14th, 2014; No extension will be granted.

When will someone notify me if my submission is not complete?

Michelle Couture will contact you by November 14, 2014 if any information or documents are missing. You will have until November 25, 2014 to send any missing information.

What is the maximum number of pages I can attach for supporting material?

No more than 10 pages are accepted for supported documentation.

What type of file would you like uploaded for supporting material?

Pdf or Microsoft Word

What if my selected awards program has more than 10 pages?

Please select your top 10 pages and briefly describe your category/menu. Visuals carry significant weight as they convey a sense of what is intended.

Can I send live materials?

Only finalists are eligible to submit live materials.

Can I submit the same nomination for different categorizes?

No, each entry must be customized.

Can I win in more than one category?

No, one category per submission.

Who can submit a nomination?

Anyone who has not won in the same category in the previous year: sponsors, consultants, agencies, distributors, suppliers, operators. Last year’s winners for a category are not eligible to win in the same category but can submit for all other categories.

Is there a form for the nominations?

Yes, there’s three (one for each judging category):
Best Event or Single Brand Promotion
Best Beer, Wine, Spirits, Alcohol Free or Menu
Best Responsible Beverage Alcohol Service

What if I forgot to upload supporting material to my nomination form?

Email Michelle Couture at

When will I be notified if I am a finalist?

All finalists will be notified by December 8, 2014.

If I am a finalist will I need to send live materials?

Yes, all finalists must mail live materials to Michelle Couture no later than December 5, 2014.

Where should I mail my live materials?

Attention: Edward Korry
c/o College of Culinary Arts
Johnson & Wales University
333 Shipyard Street
Providence, RI 02905

When will I be notified if I am a winner?

All winners will be notified by December 17, 2014.

Who will be judging the VIBE Vista Awards?

Johnson & Wales University beverage faculty, staff and alumni.

When are the awards?

The awards will take place March 31st at the VIBE 2015 conference